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Affirmations are “DeeLuxe”

November 16, 2010

If you phone us (well, me), if you come out with the usual pleasantry of “How are you doing?”, you’re likely to hear “DeeLuxe” or a similarly positive word. There’s a reason for that unusual response, and a definite musical connection.

In the late seventies, I was a part of a pretty cool and fun band that did parties and weddings — yes, the dreaded wedding band. But don’t put it down, it was at least 80% made up of college educated, very experienced players; and there were no set lists, no rehearsals, just spontaneous musical fun and challeges. Rick Swallow, on keyboards/trumpet/lead vocals would often just start a song, and we had a split second to figure out the tune and key — and come in. For a particular reason that escapes me right now, we brought in a sax player for a couple gigs. He was introduced to me as “Grub”, and he spoke only occasionally, and in a decidedly Tom Waits sort of grunt. And at the conclusion of a particularly good tune or solo, Grub would often nod and quietly growl his approval with a gutteral “DeeLuxe”.

I liked that.

P.S. I bought a 1971 Porsche 911T in 1987, because it was cool, and 16 year old Porsche was finally within my price range (though I spent the purchase price again on repairs in the next three years - oh well). Getting the D Luxe personalized plate was a must. I had to sell the car, but I still have the plates and the attitude!

Flash forward to my “real life” in the business world, where a drone in management – when asked how he was doing – always muttered a “Bleegh!” or similar negative response. Ok, I admit, I was under the influence of a couple new agey courses, but I decided it was pretty foolish to tell the world, and especially yourself, that you were feeling sucky. Affirmations were the focus at the time– basically, it’s recognizing that you hear and believe what you say about yourself. If you make a mistake and say “stupid!” to yourself, you are calling yourself stupid, which is, in fact, pretty stupid, particularly since you’ll eventually start to believe yourself.

It was then I adopted DeeLuxe as my personal attitude, or at least as the primary way I would express how I was feeling if somebody said, “How’re ya doin’?”

While I have always been a positive and optimistic person, the actual practice of this particular affirmation came in handy in the future. Especially when I lost my job, was diagnosed with cancer and lost my vocal cords, and then lost my next job when that bank was merged into another. I’m not going to pretend that positive thinking was an everyday cure during some of those dark days, but it sure didn’t hurt to continue to tell myself I was Definitely Doin’ DeeLuxe.

Forgive my detour into positive thinking, but feel free to join me! And understand my motivation if, when you ask how I am doing, I say “DeeLuxe!”


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