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Who is Gollihur Music, and why should you buy from us?

That’s a question that is answered by thousands of positive comments on the web — look around and ask around, and you’ll get your answer.

Who we are NOT is a “big box” music store; we’re bassists who specialize in what we sell! And we sell only what we like ourselves — and what we think you will find useful for your needs. In our product descriptions, you’ll find in-depth product details, expanded explanations of specific uses, side information for perspective, and other comments to help you choose the right gear for your specific situation. Most often, these comments are based on our personal experience with the products, not just the typical cut-n-paste info from the manufacturer’s website.

We also often include tips, help, and extra instructions with our products. For instance, if you buy a cake of rosin, we’ll include a small sheet of tips for getting the most out of it, how to store it, how much to use, etc. If you buy a Bass Max pickup, you’ll get Bob’s instructions, with tips and tricks for getting the best sound – based on Bob’s personal experience using the pickup on his own bass!

Finally, we work very hard to get your order out and to you as quickly as possible (most items are in stock at all times!). We hustle to get orders processed and out the door as quickly as possible! Place your order with confidence – we’re waiting to get your bass stuff out the door quickly! And we get in touch with you promptly whenever necessary.

Lots of our customers here have offered their (unsolicited) feedback as well. Check out this page to read some of it!

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